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About me

I am Associate Professor at INSA CVL (Bourges, France) since 2019, in the SDS team (LIFO). Before that, I was a Post-doctoral Researcher at IRISA (team EMSEC) at Université Rennes 1. I completed my PhD at Université Clermont Auvergne in may 2018. My manuscript is available here.

I am also the organiser of the SDS team seminar.



My research focuses on cryptography. I work mainly on the design of cryptographic protocols and the provable security. My interests include general cryptographic primitives, the design of specific applied protocols, and the study of the security of real-world protocols such as TLS or Signal.

Publications (dblp)


  • Xavier Bultel
    "Physical Ring Signature"
    FUN 2024 (to appear, Eprint)


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  • Xavier Bultel
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  • Xavier Bultel
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  • Xavier Bultel
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  • Xavier Bultel, Ashley Fraser, Elizabeth A. Quaglia
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I teach at the INSA CVL, speciality Computer Security and Technologies (STI) and Industrial Risk Control (MRI):

STI 3rd year : Error correcting codes (CM/TD)
MRI 3rd year : Operating systems (TP)
STI 4th year : Cryptography (CM/TD)
MRI 3rd year : C++ (CM/TD)
STI 4th/5th year : Advanced cryptography (CM/TD)

In previous years, I have also taught in the following modules:

2nd year : Algorithm and programming (TD/TP).
STI 3rd year : Web (TD)
STI 3rd year : Operating systems (CM/TD)

From 2014 to 2017, I taught at the "networks and telecommunications" department (IUT Clermont-Ferrand):

Licences 3 pro : Operating system for networks.
DUTs 1 : Operating system, Programming, web.


Phd students:

Projects :

  • ANR PRIVA-SIQ (2024-2028) this project is coordinated by Cristina Onete (XLIM, Limoges). I am scientific leader of the project at INSA CVL.

PC Member:

SECRYPT 2023, IMACC23, APKC 2021, PST 2019, WISTP 2019, WISTP 2018

Seminar invitations:

  • 2023 - Seminar of the Cryptography Group at Royal Holloway (Royal Holloway, London, UK)
    Generic Zero-Knowledge Proofs on Ciphertexts – Tools for Pedagogy and Popular Science.
  • 2020 - CITI seminar (CITI Lab, Privatics, Lyon)
    Sécurité des protocoles de jeux de levées : comment jouer au Bridge avec des tricheurs.
  • 2016 - Séminaire Protection de l'Information, Codage, Cryptographie (XLIM, Limoges)
    A Posteriori Openable Public Key Encryption.

Popular science:

  • 2022 - Stand at "la fête de la science" about zero-knowledge proof and e-voting.
  • 2022-2023 - Co-animation of the "MATh.en.JEANS" workshop (in collaboration with the Marguerite de Navarre high school.)
  • 2021 - Talk to high school students about proofs and e-voting for the "MATh.en.JEANS" workshop

Events organisation:

Combinatorial games

In my free time, I enjoy playing combinatorial board games. I have created some myself. Implementing this kind of games is a good algorithmic exercise, so I offer INSA CVL students to implement my games for their third year programming project. The goal is to propose an interface and an artificial intelligence for a given game. Feel free to try some of these games :


88 boulevard Lahitolle
CS 60013 - 18022 Bourges CEDEX

Mail : xavier dot bultel at insa-cvl dot fr

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